The aims of SEWA Farm Ltd.

Modern farming company

SEWA FARM Ltd. will be a modern farming company in Sierra Leone. Our aim is to be a major supplier of rice to domestic sales and exports. We will create jobs, education and also an important social and educational program for the village
Through education program, will we have satisfied employees. A strong social program that will benefit the local population, which in turn benefits the company.
The people behind SEWA FARM, have a long experience in farming and managing companies in Africa/Europe/Asia.The Torma Bum farmland is recommended as very fertile rice land both by government and other farmers.

We are an international team from many countries including Denmark, Philippines, Sweden, Poland, Sierra Leone  and Thailand, with different skills and education working together to make this company a success in rice farming.

Importance of modern agriculture projects

All of the business case factors concerning the government are from an agreement signed between the government and Sewa farm ltd.
Government ministers of Agriculture mentioned the importance of modern agriculture projects during his inaugural speech. It was also part of the Presidents speech as the same time. Food security is a major objective for the Government of Sierra Leone and they believe Sewa Farm can show how this can be achieved.

Sewa Farms have been working on this project for over 4 years. The project would have been implemented before now except for the outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone became the number one priority of the government. However, during the outbreak Sewa farms were in dialogue with the government about our programme. The government had rightly identify that post Ebola extra resources would need to be applied to rice production as many / resources had been abandoned during the outbreak.
The government also identified that using traditional methods would not revive the SL rice production capacity fast enough. They have therefore been very supportive of this project.



People who makes SEWA Farm strong

  • Abraham Rashid will communicate with the Government and other interested parties to announce development and discuss organizational changes in a way that attempts to maintain a positive image of the company in Sierra Leone

    Abraham Rashid
    Abraham Rashid Communication Manager SL
  • Martin Brethvad will oversee all consultants and contractors to ensure contracts and agreements are executed and implemented to the satisfaction of the CEO and Committee.

    Martin Brethvad
    Martin Brethvad Project Director
  • Rolf Birkenborg is both decision maker, leader, manager and executor. He is the CEO, adviser for the board of directors, motivates employees, and drives change within the organization.

    Rolf Birkenborg
    Rolf Birkenborg CEO
  • Peter Bruun has both the technical and practical competence, as well as the ability to make sound business decisions.

    Peter Bruun
    Peter Bruun Farm Field Manager
  • Maria Theresa Aquino will establishes financial status by developing and implementing systems for collecting, analyzing, verifying, and reporting financial information. Meets accounting financial objectives by forecasting requirements; preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.

    Maria Theresa Aquino
    Maria Theresa Aquino Account Manager
  • Inverto ApS
    Inverto ApS Web Strategist
  • Tony Davies will establish guidelines for budget and forecast preparation, and works as the companies fundraiser.

    Tony Davies
    Tony Davies Director of funding
  • Peter Beck Bang works as external consultant and facilitates the communication within the EU

    Peter Beck Bang
    Peter Beck Bang